Are You Ready to Savor Nasi Goreng?


There’s always a little interesting story every time we talk about the favorite Indonesian dishes to the foreigners who regularly come to this country. Theyhave several of dishes that they like best, but we can notice that from all ofthat, the most favorite Indonesian dish is actually nasi goreng. One wonderswhy this dish becomes so popular in Indonesia, the fact that most offoreigners, especially who is not coming from Asia, having trouble inconsuming the rice. This is actually an exception. Nasi goreng becomes thefavorite one for many of the visitors, the new one or the regular one, saysthat nasi goreng is the must-eaten dish when you in Indonesia.Then, how it can be the favorite?

The near reason is because nasi goreng canbe served with various meals you want it to be. Literally nasi goreng means“fried rice” which is simply the one that nasi goreng really is.

The meal canbe chicken, beef, pork, or seafood to get you the one taste that you really like. Commonly, as you can see in the street vendor in many places inIndonesia, nasi goreng is a fried rice accompanied with other items,particularly scrambled egg, green vegetables, and served with pickled cucumber. There is also a special nasi goreng which is made with ikan asin(salted dried fish) which is also popular across the country. Funnily enough, nasi goreng lately becomes more popular in regards ofAmerican president, Barack Obama who came to Indonesia and cheerfullyannounced that he liked nasi goreng very much. This is a no wondercondition that you can see why a lot of people here in Indonesia knowingthat nasi goreng is a common menu that can be served personally in your home, which than in a broader aspects becoming the main menu in theexclusive restaurant, especially in Bali which is famously you can see themixed-up menu with special ingredients are attracted by many tourists.


Nasi Goreng - Fried Rice


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