Enjoy The Ultimate Taste of Indonesian Satay



As in traditional culinary, satay is actually one of the prominent culinary in Indonesia that you can see all around the areas here in Indonesia. It has different kind of satay that is being the special characteristic for the area itself. Before that, we need to know, what is satay actually? Satay is a dish that is made from pieces of meat seasoned and impaled with a stick made from bamboo or the midrib of the coconut leave. Meats that are usually used are beef, chicken, pork, and also fish. For the fish satay, lemongrass stalk is sometimes used as it adds a special and distinctive flavor.

Satay is a popular delicacy in Indonesia. There are various kinds of satays in Indonesia. From each area has different taste of satay concerning that the sauce that is used for the satay has the typical different seasoning from one to one. Some are like Sate Madura, sate Padang, sate Ponorogo, sate Tegal, sate ambal, sate Blora, sate Banjar, sate Makasar, sate buntel, sate lilit, sate pusut, sate ampet, sate maranggi, sate klatak, the list can go on, are the example of satay that are can be found here in Indonesian culinary. That said, satay is also being the default dish in a celebration or ritual activity in traditional ceremony in Indonesia.

The fact is satay itself is spreading around in Indonesia, becoming this as the national dish of Indonesia. You can eat satay all around from the morning until the night because there’s always food stall or cadger in the street as the place you can buy this as your breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu. Though, satay in some places in Indonesia has the different sauce, yet commonly peanut sauce is the one that mostly can we found and easily be made in home.Satay may be served with a spicy peanut sauce, slivers
of onions and ketupat too.

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