If Your Are Looking For Gudeg, This Is It


Do you know what is popular in Jogjakarta? This beautiful city with a lot oftraditional and ancient building is particularly the favorite place for manyforeigners who happened to be in love with traditional and cultural side of Indonesia. You also might see this place as the place where you can reachsome of beautiful and ancient temple like Prambanan or Borubudur from this city.

Besides here you can get around to the city with the traditional vehicle(dokar/delman) which is still exist until now make it more than a traditionalactually, but a lot of unique and cultural we might see.The one thing you can remember and not to be missed when you come toJogja is to taste the popular menu called gudeg.

The most popular food inJogja that is made from young Nangka (jack fruit) boiled for several hourswith palm sugar, and coconut milk. This local food has been the mainattraction for foreign tourists to come to Jogja. When visiting Jogja, in themorning or the night you can see some street vendor is serving gudeg as themain menu for many people who want to have it that time. Gudeg is servedwith white rice, chicken, hard-boiled egg, tofu and/or tempe, and a stewmade of crispy beef skins (sambal goreng krecek).The taste of gudeg is sweet in general.

If you think you can only taste thisdish in Jogja only, don’t worry, as the popular dish which is spreading aroundin Indonesia, now many restaurant in Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, and others bigcity is also served this special menu as their options for people who want totaste the gudeg itself. Though apparently, one can suggest that the tastemight be different, but essentially is the same that gudeg is a sweet taste ingeneral. If you want to find it personally, and then come to Jogja, visit thetraditional food stall one in Jogja, the nasi gudeg with its characteristically Jogjakarta will be great for you.

gudeg bu hj. amad

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