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When you are visiting Indonesia, you might face a lot of banner from thestreet vendor or food court that say them served “soto”. Yes, this is apopular Indonesian dish that you can see all around Indonesia is available forthis dish. It is actually a traditional soup made from broth, meat, andvegetables as the ingredients. For a certain reason, which makes soto anational dish in Indonesia is actually because with the same name as soto,we can find plenty different things that being a characteristic of each sotohow this is being served in their region.


This makes it clear that every singleregion has different way to serve this dish.First of all, the popular one is soto Madura which is actually like spreading allaround in Indonesia, and popular in Java. It is the common soto that wealways see. It is made with chicken, beef or offal, in a yellowish transparentbroth. Another one, like soto Betawi has a characteristic too, this one ismade of beef or beef offal, cooked in a whitish cow milk or coconut milkbroth, with fried potato and tomato. Soto Padang has the quite differentingredients, it is made with a beef broth soto with slices of fried beef, bihunand perkedel kentang. You can see another variation of soto in Java, like sotoSemarang, Soto Kudus, etcetera.

For all of those soto from each area in Indonesia, the one that Indonesianfamiliar with is actually Soto Ayam. Soto Ayam is the common soto that wecan eat in any food court. This is a yellow spicy chicken soup accompaniedwith rice or ketupat. Sometimes, slices of Lontong or rice roll are also beingthe favorite to accompany this soto ayam. Soto ayam also has otheradditional topping, for example like chicken innards (heart of chicken, etc)with also the always must-be-there, a chili sauce that we called it as sambal,to make the soto deliciously spicy.


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